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Coach Phillip D. Vincent has over 20 years of fencing experience.  

He was trained in all 3 weapons by the following coaches: Hank Powell (foil- Hopkins School in New Haven, CT), Abdel-Monem Salem (epee- Lone Star Fencing Center in Dallas, TX), Ed Korfanty (sabre- Oregon Fencing Alliance in Beaverton, OR), and Dave Micahnik (sabre- UPENN in Philadelphia, PA).



New fencer who worked hard for 2 years (private lessons and practice 2-3 times a week). At his first competition away from the club, he finished 5th out of 27 at the “Orange & Blue Open” at the University of Florida (12/6/15).  He was the youngest one there (barely 13 y.o.), and he beat others with much more experience (college-age fencers and one guy who was in his 40’s)!


National Fencing Championships: 1st place Div. 3 Sabre (1997)

Created the first ever fencing clubs in Ocala and The Villages

National Fencing Championships: 6th place Div. 2 Sabre (1998)

Developed after-school fencing programs at 6 schools

National Fencing Championships: 7th place Div. I-A Sabre (1998)

Taught over 500 fencers

National Fencing Championships: 8th place U-19 Sabre (1998)

Hosted 19 camps (over 250 fencers total)

Ivy League Champions: UPENN (1999, 2001)

Held 34 competitions (over 600 fencers total)

NCAA Championships: Finished in top 16 (2002)

Gave motivational speech on college fencing at 12 schools

North American Cup: 1st place Senior Team Sabre (2014)

Performed at over 10 expos for community outreach events